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Making use of flooring remnants

Flooring remnants are simply pieces of flooring that are left over after a large flooring job is complete. Sometimes these pieces can be put to many different good uses, especially if you have smaller areas that need flooring. And they can save you money.

Remnants can also be simply what's left on a larger roll after most of the product has sold. To make room for new materials, these leftovers are often sold cheaply, leaving you with an excellent bargain. The uses of these pieces vary, but they might be just what you’re looking for.

Remnants in our flooring lines might surprise you

Some remnants are indeed perfect for smaller jobs. However, some remnants can easily be used to floor an entire home. Be sure to ask about the sizes available, and we’ll match what we have, for the perfect fit. There’s no reason to settle for less at a higher price when you can have a more affordable option.
There’s no lack of choices in these pieces either. You’re free to choose from a wide variety of patterns, colors, designs, styles, and textures that can add so much personality to your home. You’ll be surprised at the option you have available to you, as you crush the myths that surround this particular product line.

These pieces can also be perfect for creating visual separation in a certain room, creating a custom area rug, complete with a unique binding of your choice. Some people use them in RV’s, boats, vehicles, and many other spaces where just a touch of contrast is appreciated.

For more information on carpet remnants and how they can work for you, don’t wait. Come in and visit us and speak to one of our professional flooring associates who can share plenty more details with you.
Flooring Remnants in Lakewood, WA area from Emerald Installation

Find your flooring remnants in Poulsbo and Lakewood, WA

Here at Emerald Installation, our retail flooring remnants are likely to be just what you need for your flooring project. When combined with our commitment to excellence in products and services, as well as our affordability and customer satisfaction, you’ll be amazed at what you can receive.

Just stop into our showrooms in Poulsbo, WA, and Lakewood, WA, to find out more. From there, we serve the areas of Poulsbo, WA, Lakewood, WA, Kitsap County, WA, Pierce County, WA, and King County, WA, and we’re ready to serve your flooring requirements as well. No matter what size your flooring project, we’re here for you.