How to prepare for your estimate

      Emerald Installation, Inc. will process the following information collected prior to scheduling the estimate:

  • Customer name

  • Job site address

  • Phone number

  • Email address

  • Product choice

  • Areas to be measured


While the estimator is at your house:

  • Areas to be measured will be verified by both the customer and estimator.

  • Product choices will be verified by both customer and estimator.

  • Additional services necessary will be advised, such as, removal of existing material, furniture moves, and baseboards.

  • The estimator will need access to every area being measured.

  • A laser measuring device is used and will need to touch every wall in the room for best accuracy, usually about light switch height. It may be possible to measure on the wall higher or lower if necessary in certain circumstances.


     The estimator will build a digital computer drawing of the areas to be installed and go over the floor plan to ensure all areas and additional labor are accounted for, certain unforeseen labor costs may arise. In most cases furniture does not need to be moved to measure the area.


     The estimate will be worked up within 48 hours. In unique situations the estimate can take 1-3 days longer while additional information is being gathered.


     Additional items that may be unforeseen are access, hatches in closet floors, heavily soiled carpet, painter tarps, unlevel floors or furniture.


     The estimator will talk to you about where the installer will park and access the project. Additional charges may be applied if it is outside the basic scope of work.

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