• Caitlyn McConnell

Tools Installers Use - Carpet

Updated: Jul 9, 2018

As a team of installers enters your home, they bring in with them a wide assortment of specialized tools to ensure that your installation looks as clean and professional as possible. Let’s break down how these tools are used, focusing on carpet in this article.

Your carpet must be seamed to ensure it does not unravel with wear or look sloppy. Tools required for this job including a row finder, cushion back cutter, and a seam sealer to prepare the carpet for seaming. Thermoplastic seaming tape and a seaming iron are used with a paddlewheel and a vacuum to press the adhesive into the carpet.

If your job is a “stretch in” - stretching carpet over a wooden or concrete subfloor, installers will fasten tack strips with fasteners and other pins around the perimeter of the room, adhering to specific distances. After the tack strip has been secured, installers will install cushions inside the tack strip and will secure the cushion to the subfloor with either staples, or a specific glue. In order to complete this job, installers then must use a power stretcher to secure the carpet to the tack strip, at a specific angle to the wall.

See the table below for a few more tools you might see during your installation!

Disclaimer: This article is to inform you of the tools you might be seeing during your installation. Installation methods can vary, so please speak with your installer if you have any further questions. It is also advised to ensure that your installer follows the instructions from the carpet manufacturer- this is required of all of our installers at Emerald Installation.


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