• Caitlyn McConnell

The Great Debate - Vinyl vs. Laminate

Vinyl and laminate both provide great, durable alternatives to traditional hardwood at a fraction of the cost. To help you decide which one best suits your needs, let's start with defining these two products.

Vinyl and laminate flooring have several similarities:

1. Affordability (between $2-8 per square foot)

2. Durability - resistant to daily wear and tear.

3. Sustainability - both floorings are being created with recycled materials, although laminate has a higher LEED rating because of it's wood base.

Although these two floorings share many of the same characteristics, there are some fundamental differences between them.

Water Resistance

Because it is 100% plastic, vinyl is extremely resistant to water. Often recommended for underneath sinks or in areas where flooding is a risk, this flooring can withstand a dishwasher leak, whereas laminate will be destroyed under these conditions. However, all vinyl is still susceptible to water damage. If this is a major concern, we recommend installing sheet vinyl, which is considered the most moisture resistant.


Vinyl flooring is resistant to water damage

As a result of it's wood composition and thickness, laminate is more comfortable to walk on than vinyl, similar to the feeling of a hardwood floor.


In terms of resale, hardwood flooring far exceeds both of these flooring options. When comparing vinyl and laminate, laminate provides greater value to homebuyers. Nonetheless, vinyl is gaining appeal, and may even be preferred in bathrooms/ high moisture areas.

Which One is Right for You?

The decision between vinyl and laminate ultimately comes down to how the flooring will be used, and your own personal preference. If you are looking for a durable, inexpensive quality flooring, both of these choices provide excellent options.

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