• Caitlyn McConnell

Our Promise to the Environment

For over 25 years, Emerald Installation has offered estimation, materials logistics, and installation services throughout the Puget Sound. At the foundation of our company lies the principle of environmental awareness. We believe it vital to minimize our carbon foot print and look for green alternatives whenever possible, while effectively delivering our mission of a clear, transparent process for both our contractors and customers. We are proud of our recent recognition as an EnviroStar green business.

We constantly look to improve our sustainability efforts in every facet of our company. We use computerized estimates to avoid paper consumption and recycle the small amount of paper that is used in the office. Driving our nine prius hybrids and buying electric forklifts enables us to significantly lower our use of fossil fuels. Our commitment to the environment serves as one of our main principles and we look forward to increasing our efforts as our company continues to grow.

Yearly resources saved through our sustainability program.


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