• Caitlyn McConnell

Music Scholarship Recipient Interview: Gia Acosta

We are so excited for this year's Farm Funk, a festival dedicated to creating exposure for our vibrant community through activities ranging from local brewery tastings to up-and-coming Kitsap musical talents. Proud to present the annual Emerald Installation, Inc. Music Scholarship, we recently interviewed Gia Acosta, one of last year's recipients.

Where and what are you studying in the upcoming year?

1. In the Fall I will be attending California Lutheran University near Los Angeles to study audio engineering/music production.

How has this scholarship helped you in your endeavours?

2. The scholarship was such a blessing. I’ve been able to put the money toward recording equipment that I will be bringing to school with me in a few months. It’s helped a great deal with honing in on my skills and other things I need to work on to improve.

What are your future goals as a musician?

3. My goal with going to school and continuing with my music is to someday be able to support myself as a music producer/musician. I hope to take advantage of all the wonderful opportunities that L.A. has to offer while focusing and working hard at school.

What did you take away from Farm Funk?

4. I’m just so thankful to everyone involved with Farm Funk. It means the world when people from the community show support for young musicians like me. It motivates me to keep singing and creating music.

If you are interested in applying or know a young musician who could use funds for lessons or instruments, our 2018 application is open! Click this link for the application. https://www.farmfunkfestival.com/scholarships/


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