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Flooring Glossary

We understand that flooring can be confusing! See this list of basic flooring vocabulary to keep you in the know about your install.

Molding - trim or pieces that are added to the flooring to bridge imperfections and create a finished look.

Blind Nailing - Nailing screwed in at a 45 degree angle into the flooring planks. Face Nailing - Nails screwed in perpendicularly to the surface. Flush- when both surfaces are level with each other.

Varnish - A type of finish composed of primarily oils.

Shellac - A high gloss finish that resists stain.

Gloss Level - defined by high gloss, semi-gloss, low gloss, and ultra-low gloss, these categories indicate the levels of gloss on the floor.

Width - In terms of flooring, planks measuring more than 3 inches wide are referred to as “planks,” and less than 3 inches “strips.”

Texture - An important characteristic in flooring, textures are a physical aspect of flooring that can range from smooth to distressed.

Grain - lines that indicate the growth pattern of the wood.

Subfloor - the surface beneath flooring, typically made of either concrete or wood.

Underlayment - A thin layer that lies between the subfloor and the flooring. Underlayment can be composed of many materials, ranging from foam to plywood.

Acclimation - It is critical that flooring is allowed to acclimate, or adjust to the climate it will be installed in, specifically moisture and humidity.

Grade Level - Comparable to “sea level,” but in terms of the ground. For example, in construction below grade level is below/partially below the ground, on grade is at ground level, and above grade is above ground level.

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