• Caitlyn McConnell

Education Outreach with Carol Schnetter

At Emerald Installation, we value education. Carol Schnetter, our current Administrative Assistant, is currently studying for a degree in Human Resources sponsored by our CEO Alexander Rodenko. See below a recent interview with Carol about her experience:

What program are you currently enrolled in?

“I am pursuing a bachelors of science concentrating in Human Resources at the fully accredited Western Governers University.”

How has Emerald Installation helped you in your academic pursuits?

“Emerald Installation pays my full tuition, enabling me to fulfill my long time goal of completing a bachelor’s degree. I joined Emerald Installation during the change of ownership after I met Alexander and was blown away by his passion and mission for this company. I left a 12 year career I loved in the health industry because I could see that this vision was destined to create great success and benefit our community as a whole. Alexander honored this leap of faith, and by funding this degree he has given me to opportunity start a human resource department in the company. This kind of loyalty to his employees is unparalleled. I have recently reached my 3rd year at Emerald Installation and I am so excited to explore how I can use this opportunity to benefit the company and my fellow employees.

We are so grateful for all the great work you have been doing, Carol!


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