Be at home during installation:

  • All occupied homes must have an adult 18 or older present throughout the installation unless other arrangements are made.

  • Our installers will need access to an area where they can store and cut materials during the course of installation. Make sure that you have cleared an area, typically a garage or porch for this purpose.

  • Our installers will need access to electrical power in the installation and storage areas.

  • Be sure to secure all pets away from the room(s) receiving installation prior to the installer’s arrival.

  • This is a construction project, our installers will be in and out of the house and may leave windows and doors open. We will not be responsible for any additional charges this may incur.

  • Keep the temperature in the installation area between 60°- 80°.

  • If anyone has respiratory considerations, it is advised to avoid the construction area.

Services we offer:

(Additional fees may apply)


  • Furniture Moving.

  • Removal and haul away of existing material.

  • Remove and replace existing baseboards or new baseboards.

  • Remove and replace toilets and pedestal sinks.

 Furniture Moving:

If you decide to purchase this service, Emerald Installation, Inc.’s furniture policy is as follows:

  • Remove all valuables/ breakables off any surfaces and walls in and around the installation area. Vibrations from the installations may cause damage to these items.

  • Make sure all items have been emptied. As an example: dressers, cabinets, refrigerator, and desks.

  • Disconnect and move any electronics, appliances (gas/propane) and computers, this service is not included in Emerald Installation, Inc.’s furniture policy.

  • Client is responsible to move antiques, pianos, pool tables, lamps, grandfather clocks, fish tanks, hospital beds, electric recliners/sofas, and exercise equipment.

  • If your flooring will be installed in a closet, remove all items on the floor and low hanging items.

  • Our installers are not responsible for damage to valuables that have not been removed from within or around the installation area.


     If the furniture service is declined, please ensure that the areas receiving installation are free and clear of all personal items. Failure to meet these requirements may result in rescheduling installation and additional fees. Contact our office if you have any further questions.

Touch-ups & clean-up:

  • In some cases your new flooring may not be as thick as your existing floor. As a result, some of the old paint lines on your walls may show after installation. It may be necessary to re-paint any walls after installation if the new floor covering is not as thick as your existing floor.

  • Due to the stiff nature of certain flooring materials, even with our installer’s best efforts, it is possible that walls or baseboards may be scuffed and scratched during installation. Any retouching or painting will be the responsibility of the client.

  • The removal of your existing material and installation of your new material will create some dust inside and outside that cannot be avoided. We recommend a thorough cleaning after the installation is completed. Cleaning services are not offered or included.

  • New flooring and installation material can often affect air quality. Ventilate your home both during, and 72 hours, post installation.

  • Removal and replace/new baseboards- nail holes and joints of the baseboards are the customer’s responsibility to touch up with caulking and paint.

​Additional Information

  • Pre-Existing Structural Conditions- Emerald is not responsible for any problems that may arise due to pre-existing structural conditions such as, asbestos, mold, or building code violations. Example, if a nail driven into the floor strikes a water pipe that is closer to the floor than permitted by the building code, the pipe leak will not be our responsibility.  

  • Concealed Imperfections and Subfloor Damages- Should concealed imperfections or damages be revealed during the removal or replacement of your existing flooring, additional work may be required. Subfloor imperfections and damages can only be determined after we remove the existing flooring. Corrections to imperfections or damages may be the sole responsibility of the customer.

  • Wiring- Our installers will not install any cable or wiring underneath the flooring. Doing so can damage the wires and my also void the manufacturer warranty of the material. Communicate to our installers the locations of any security wire in your home so they do not cut them by accident.

  • Pattern and Color Matching- There may be slight variations in shade or characteristics between the sample you chose and the product actually installed in your home. However, the difference will be within the manufacturer's tolerance specifications. In most homes, walls are not square, making it impossible for the pattern of the flooring materials to be parallel to every wall. For material with a pattern, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to communicate to the installers which wall they would like to have the pattern run parallel to. Otherwise the installers will use their best judgement.

​Additional Information

  • Emerald Installation Inc. offers the service of removing and replacing an existing toilet when installing flooring in bathroom areas. This can include removal and replacement of the toilet, as well as the water supply line, the wax ring, and the flange bolts. The installers will replace the wax ring, supply line and flange bolts with new ones, though these supplies will need to be purchased by the customer. However by trade, they are flooring installers and not plumbers. Any other issues will need to be dealt with by a professional plumber at the customer’s expense. (i.e. Toilet shutoff valve leak, broken toilet flange, bad seals.)

  • Installation fees will be based on total flooring recommended by the Estimator (based on the Estimator’s assessment of unique characteristics of your project). The Estimator’s recommendation will include waste and will exceed actual room square footage.

  • Often customers prefer to save money by pulling up the carpet on their own, then have us haul & dump, if this is the case the carpet needs to be cut into manageable size pieces and kept in a dry area.

  • If the carpet is heavily soiled, either the customer needs to make arrangements to have the heavily soiled carpet removed and hauled away prior to installation, or the customer can choose to pay extra for heavily soiled carpet, on top of the existing charge for carpet removal. If our installer decide that the carpet is not suitable for them to remove and haul away, they will make our office aware of the situation and the office will notify the store.

  • It is not the responsibility of our installers to fix squeaky subfloors or wall structures. If this condition impedes the installation process, it is your responsibility to have necessary repairs performed.

How to prepare for your installation

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