Do you ever find yourself wondering which home projects you should start first? Well, this may help you decide.

The following home projects topped the list for highest cost recovery/return on investment:

  1. Refinish hardwood floors: 147% 
  2. Engineered wood flooring: 118%
  3. Kitchen renovation: 100%
  4. New bathroom addition: 86%
  5. Bathroom renovation: 83%
  6. Converting a basement to a living area: 78% 
  7. Converting an attic to a living area: 75%
  8. Closet renovation: 71%
  9. Upgrade insulation: 67%
  10. New primary bedroom addition: 56%

But why are home upgrades such a good investment?

Homeowners looking to sell:

                "It is hard to deny the beauty of new flooring, tile, countertops, and/or cabinets in person, in videos, and in-home listings.”

                "Buyers are looking to buy a home that fits their current and future lifestyles. This includes flooring, tile, and countertops that will last and save them money down the road"

               "These upgrades give a visual pleasure and provide healthy air quality to the space, ultimately providing a sense of refreshed and renewed, stimulating positive mental health"

    Homeowners planning on staying in their home

            "The clean fresh look and feel is more hygienic and gives you peace of mind knowing you've added many years to the life of your home.”

           "These upgrades give a visual pleasure and provide healthy air quality to the space, ultimately providing a sense of refreshed and renewed, stimulating positive mental health"

    All in all, while there are many reasons these investments are a good decision, it comes down to one reason above them all, "Healthy Living".

    We love that the number one thing on the list is the most sustainable option; to reuse what you already have and add beauty and value to your home through a simple hardwood refinishing. Remember, you can always go darker with your finish, but you can not always get lighter without shadows and finish in the space between boards. 

    Through neuroaesthetic design and biophilia spaces can be designed that allow homeowners to relax, recover, and recharge. We all went through that period during the COVID era where we longed for the outdoors, for fresh air, and for an escape from the industrial looks of the indoor spaces we were confined to. Today, remove the commercial-looking sheet vinyl and install a durable wood-looking LVP or laminate that will offer warmth and a connection to the outdoors. We can pull down that plastic shower surround and install natural stone or easy-to-clean tile that will brighten the room and last a lifetime with a properly installed Schluter system. Home buyers are looking for relevant spaces that are easy to clean and allow a home to be move-in ready. You do not have to spend much to add tremendous value and curb appeal to your home. 

    Call, email, or come into our Poulsbo showroom and let's dream big together!